Hello guys, this is my first post and I will be reviewing on Ragnarök Online 6th Anniversary Image Song Single -Kamigami no Uta by Ceui and a few more such as Soul Eater OP 2 and etc etc… [many more to come]

Most people know what Ragnarök Online (2D MMORPG) is, so I will cut off introducing the game.There is a post in here on RO 2 which is similar just practically its 3D now. This album contains 4 vocal songs and 1 instrumental off vocal. It gives me the feeling of the old times when I listen to it [feels like I am in their era, the Iron age]. The 4 vocal and instrumental off vocal song names and lengths are:

  • 01-Kamigami No Uta 4:53
    02-Prayer 3:54
    03-Titania no Mori 4:41
    04-Prelude -Unmei no Kakera 4:49
    05-Kamigami no Uta «instrumental» 4:50

These are two of the songs that are inside it. Anyway banzai! for RO 6th anniversary as I am a RO fan myself!

Kamigami no Uta:


Next is… Soul Eater OP2 Single – PAPERMOON by Tommy heavenly:

Well this one is not bad too [rock and roll type]. In the matter of opinions I am sure only certain people would love it.

Also this is her 9th single being released.This is the first single by Tommy heavenly6 [aka Tomoko Kawase] in over a year after her album. It contains:

  • 1 – PAPERMOON 4:22
  • 2 – Ruby Shoes 3:10
  • 3 – PAPERMOON (Original Instrumental) 4:22 [ off vocal]

As usual, support by buying! If you are a Singaporean you can find it at City Hall.

Here’s PAPERMOON full for your enjoyment!

Lastly, here is the short review on Hirano Aya’s semi secret single which I really like very much!

Hirano Aya -Memories Off6 ~T-wave~ PERSONAL COLLECTION 2 Cv :Hakosaki Chisa.

This doesn’t really count much as a single [Note :nominally by her character from the game, Hakosaki Chisa] but it is still a lot better compared to her released album . As most people says the album sucks, which is pretty much true. Sorry Aya fans but yeah, FACE FACT de arimasu!. There are blogs and communities around, even some Aya fans feel disappointed about her album.

Well as it says, this is by Hirano Aya and the songs in the singles are:

  • 01.Mind Loop -Hirano Aya 5:09
  • 02.Chisa- I -Straight love- Abo Takeshi 3:20
  • 03.Chisa- I -Straight love- (Music box Ver.)- abo Takeshi 3:16
  • 04.Mind Loop[off vocal] 5:09

Music is by Mizuno Daisuke 水野大輔, with lyrics by Suzumori Yuuko 涼森有羽子.

As for this disk it is available on amazon.jp and some other websites or shops. You can download a promo movie for the game from the official site. The game has other popular and well known seiyuus like Tanaka Rie, Gotou Yuuko and others.

Here’s Mind Loop:

So I will end my post here. See ya all next time and remember to share your thoughts and music via comments. Let Music be a part of your life!

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