Japanese Prefer Staying At Home Than Out



A recent survey done by Denstu Inc had revealed that almost 40.8% of Japanese people across all generations prefer staying at home than going out. A more detailed view shows that more than 50% of teenagers and 49.3% of those in the 20s prefers to stay at home.

Maybe Japan is moving onto an age of hikikomori soon, since there’s quite a sizable amount of people staying at home…

However, despite the fact that many Japanese are staying at home these days, there is actually a valid reason to it. Amidst the tough economical situation, it would seem that many Japanese would rather stay at home to save money. Young people could stay at home and watch animes and game, and it’s mostly these people who starts out the trend.

Other than gaming and watching animes, certain electrical appliances such as easy-to-use gardening kits, as well as steam-ovens are getting extremely popular between people. Not only that, even the Nintendo Wii has seen an increase of sales during this troubled time, as people gets themselves ready to stay at home for a prolonged period of time.

Also, many Japanese had begun picking up home related hobbies, such as home gardening or even cooking for some. However, it’s still undeniable that more people are opting to stay at home due to the recession, and that is certainly a worrying case, but is better than to kill oneself over it.

Via: Yomiuri Daily.

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