Japanese Woman Arrested For Making 80 Nuisance Calls To Police



A 45 years old unemployed woman was arrested on May 7 due to interference with police’s line of duty. It is said that this woman has made about 80 nuisance calls (aka prank calls) to the police from mid-day to the next morning.

Police from Takamatsukita police station have said that, the woman named Kikuyo Nishiyama had reportedly been abusing the line by doing a variety of things, such as keeping silent. In one of the calls she had made, she claimed that she had killed someone, causing officers to rush to the “scene”.  The woman is said to have been using her cell phone with user information block for most of the calls, although she had left her real name and address in some of those calls.

When asked why she had done it, she had simply said, “I’ve got a grudge against the police. I wanted to get even with them.”

Via: JapanToday.

What a way to get even with polices. But then, she’s unemployed and I could not rule out the possibility of her wanting delicious free food that is provided in some Japanese prisons…

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