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Joining the NotCliche Team

While NotCliche has a sizable amount of writers already, NotCliche still continuously looking for talented individuals that can help out in the overall content of the blog. If you think that you’re able to contribute to NotCliche, we’ll be more than happy to welcome you onto our team.

You may contact us with your details using the contact form at the bottom of the page. We await your replies!

NotCliche Hosting Packages

Reason for these Packages:

Recently, if you’ve noticed when you’re around the IRC and stuff (oops, I don’t think most people know that we’ve got an IRC channel…) you will realize that I’ve been going about asking if anyone wants some free space and bandwidth.

If you’re lazy to read the whole chunk of the text, I’ll simplify it down for you. Upon approval from the NotCliche Team, you’ll be entitled to:

  • 30GB of Space.
  • Unlimited Amount of Bandwidth.
  • Will be carrying a sub-domain.
  • Running off WordPress Platform.
  • Absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

To be able to qualify for the above stated privileges, you’ll need to fulfill at least one of the conditions below:

  • Existing animeblogs that needs a host.
  • Cosplaying groups that needs a personal space (e.g forums).
  • Anime/Manga Communities that needs personal space.
  • Figurines, Otaku Culture, Japan Culture Blogs that needs a host.

Some little introduction here:

As for now, as long as the traffic is still rather low, we’re offering limited hosting for your anime/ manga/ cosplaying/ figure/ japan culture blogs. All blogs will be running off the WordPress platform. There is really no limit in the bandwidth you can use, but you’ll be restricted to a 30GB space. If you think you’ll need more, just request for them, and we’ll increase your limit accordingly. (Even now, the NotCliche blog takes up less than 5GB of space…)

All blogs will carry the as their subdomain name. Getting a domain name is possible, but as for that, it is something that we can’t help out.

For example:

  • Subdomain name:  – this will be provided
  • Domain name: – you’ll need to get yourself this, if desired.

Of course, there are rules in place if you happen to need hosting on our site:

  • Content must not breach any federal law, or contain anything that may be deemed unsuitable for the general audience.
  • You’re responsible for your own upkeep of the site. Please do not expect us to do back ups/theme into your blog.
  • There may have downtimes, so do understand when the whole NotCliche network is inaccessible.
  • Enjoy yourself thoroughly!

What happens next?

Of course, this will raise concerns about the reliablity of the hosting plan itself. Don’t worry about this, as long as NotCliche is up, your respective sites/blogs will still be up. However, in an unlikely event that something major happens, e-mails will be sent out to inform you guys, and ample time will be given for you to do the necessary steps to recover your blog at another location.

With all the seriousness in mind, just don’t worry about these. The NotCliche Team will help out as much as they can, and our ultimate aim here is to let you have an equal chance of having as much fun as the others can have.

Remember, blogging is supposed to be a fun thing, not serious thing.

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