Japanese Prime Minister Office Starts Off Twitter for Disaster Reports

The Prime Minister of Japan’s Office has recently started up a new Twitter feed in English to keep people updated on the official news regarding the recent duo-disasters that had hit certain parts of Japan hard. Those people who are looking for official information regarding the latest developments in the disaster efforts/reports might want to check out the Twitter account @JPN_PMO for more information.

The twitter feed on the account contains the translations from the official Japanese disaster twitter feed, so if you know how to read Japanese, you might want to check out @Kantei_Saigai for more information. That particular feed is definitely more frequently updated than the English feed, if you’re wondering.

In related news, if you’re in Japan or thinking of going to Japan, you might want to keep a look out on the officially released Radiation measurements in the air. Because of the recent developments regarding Fukushima Dai Ichi Nuclear Power Plant, a whole bunch of people living in or going to Japan are extremely concerned regarding the radiation levels in the air. You can check out the official list of measurements from this Yahoo Emergency Page.

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