Just Wondering: What/Who is Criware?

I’ve been playing several PSP and PS3 games these few days, but I keep seeing this “Criware” (or you can look at the logo above) logo appearing everywhere these days on Japanese games, leading me to think: “What exactly is this Criware that almost every single Japanese game seems to have these days?”

Apparently, Criware is a middleware software designed for game development! Created by a company previously known as CRI Middleware, Criware is the product which many games developing company uses these days as the product brings about a huge amount of game development tools into one neat package. Before Dreamcast went out of service, CRI Middleware was developing a variety of games, although their most iconic has to be Virtual On for the Sega Saturn.

If you look closely, Criware’s logo is made up of a screen and a speaker!

What are middleware then? Basically, think of it as the middle-man to make things work between two parties, so in the case of games, it’s the hardware and the game itself. Criware is a collective package that contains several important tools created by CRI themselves as such audio playback, video playback, lip synchronization, generation of music, just to name a few.

Criware is apparently used in a lot of Japanese developed games, as evident from all the PSP, PS3, Xbox 360 even Wii. Chances are that once you boot up a Japanese developed game, you’ll probably see this Criware logo somewhere!



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