K-ON!! First Blu-Ray Includes Short Video Extras

Artwork by: CORE @ Pivix.

While K-ON!! has not even entered in it’s 1/4 of the airing season, it looks like there’s already plans for their upcoming Blu-Ray volumes. The first limited edition volume will be bundled with several short videos. These short video is somewhat called as a “original B-side” with the title “Ura-On!! #1”.

One can probably guess that each of these Blu-Ray volumes will be bundled with the same Ura-On!! short movies, although it’s not clear if “Ura-On!!” is actually live-action or animation adaptation.

The first K-ON!! Blu-Ray volume will be released around Japan on 30th July and there’s a total of 9 Blu-Ray volumes. Talk about planning way ahead of time!

Via: ANN.


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