Kaichū! Second Part Anime Streamed!

Still remember that particular anime short that was available for streaming earlier this month? The second part to the short web anime adaptation is now currently online and available for viewing!

The short web anime adaptation is a way to celebrate the release of the second volume of Kaichu. If you’ve read the manga, you’ll probably find some difference between the anime adaptation and manga itself, as the anime takes the story of the original one-shot manga before Kaichu! was serialized in a magazine.

The story revolves around a high-school’s archery club where freshman Tachikawa Tetsuya wants to join the school’s archery club to meet someone named Gonzaburō Fudō who skills are some of the best in the school. However, despite Fudo’s girl-like appearance, looks can be deceiving!

Take a look at the manga, the series is actually pretty damn funny!

Via: AnimeNation.


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