Kampfer’s New Anime Project Announced

The 5th volume of Kampfer manga has announced the start of another anime project for Kampfer. According to the wraparound band on the manga, it is announced that new anime project for Kampfer will be aired on the TV channel TBS starting March next year.

Some speculate that this particular anime project wouldn’t be a “season” as per say. Seeing the anime would be starting it’s run in March, and the wraparound band didn’t mention anything related to a second season.

The existence of such a project was announced back in August, but not much details has been released back then. Then again, not much information were revealed in the manga’s wraparound band, so it actually didn’t make much difference! But still, Fuyu Comiket will play host to several companies that are involved in this particular Kampfer project, and a promotional video will be shown during the event.



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