Keiji Inafune Collaborates With Neptune mk-II

In a strange turn of events, it looks like ex-Capcom Keiji Inafune has teamed up with Compile Heart for some kind of events regarding Neptune mk-II.

Apparently, Inafune will be doing some sort of question and answer session with the fans of Compile Heart (or him… if you want) regarding any questions that can come up with. Simply fill up the question form and you might actually get a reply from Inafune himself regarding your question! While the site might be Japanese, who knows, you might actually get your question through even if you don’t know Japanese!

Still, it’s an interesting cross-over if you ask me. It’s kind of sudden that Inafune is doing collaboration with Compile Heart… maybe he has some kind of cameo or appearance in mk-II or something? His recently started companies are getting personified?

Neptune mk-II is expected to make a release this August in Japan. No word on an English localization as of yet.

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