Key’s Angel Beats! Getting Anime Adaptation!


Key’s project titled “Angel Beats!” will be getting an anime adaptation, although there has been no information as of when the project will actually be released.

Not much information about the whole story has been release, although a user by the name “zalas” has done a quick translation over an interview that was done regarding the project itself. Details after the break.

Excerpted from: ANN Forums.

  1. “The story takes place in the afterlife.” “The main characters are all dead persons.” “Battles are a highlight [of this series].”
  2. The main characters have all led unreasonable lives previously, and belong to the SSS (Shinda Sekai Sensen, Dead World Battlefront), which battles angels(Angel?) in order to rebel against God, who had bestowed them such a fate. Their leader is Yurippe.
  3. The SSS members use guns and the angels use supernatural forces in battles that unfurl.
  4. The main characters have led unreasonable lives and then died, and thus are rebelling against God. The story of their rebellion against God is intended to hopefully convey a feeling of “life is wonderful, and even though it is unreasonable at times, it is still precious.”
  5. Yurippe’s design is supposed to be that of a girl with “a demanding(?) personality, an air of leadership and long hair.”
  6. About 30 or so characters (including minor characters) have been designed.

While the anime has been announced, it would seem that there has been no information about the Visual Novel anytime soon. Having an anime being in production before the Visual Novel is indeed interesting.

The project will be produced by Aniplex, with A-1 Pictures doing the animations. A-1 Picture have most recently done Kannagi, which had good animation to say the least. People worshiping Nagi-sama isn’t something to reckon with.

To be honest, I was thinking that Kyoto Animations may be involved in the project when I first saw it, since AIR, Kanon and even Clannad are Key’s VN turned anime by Kyoto Animation, it was really surprising for me when I saw that they aren’t doing this project.

And of course, one can’t possibly deny that Yurippe has a fair resemblance towards Haruhi…

For those that are interested in the anime/game itself, you can visit the link provided below for the promotional video of Angel Beat!

Via: ANN.

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