Key’s Angel Beats! New Promotional Videos Streamed!


Key’s upcoming project titled “Angel Beats!” have recently released two additional promotional videos on their website. The two promotional videos highlights the two main characters named Yurippe and Angel. The website also hosts a 80-minute radio show, titled Maeda Jun no Satsubatsu Radio which roughly translates to “Jun Maeda’s Brutal Radio“.

Angel Beats! is said to be produced by Aniplex, and animation by A-1 Picture who is mostly known by animating the hit show, Kannagi. For more information, you can refer to the link below for the previous post that I’ve posted with regards to Angel Beats.

Angel Beats! is said to be 13 episodes long which is revealed by the Radio show that is running on Angel Beat’s website. The second and third promotional videos can be found at the links below:

Second Promotional Video:

Third Promotional Video:

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