Key’s Next Work: Rewrite

Key’s next project is called Rewrite, which is slated to be out on the 24th of June. Although the project is cited to be a Key project, it looks like there are several people who are working together with Key to produce this particular visual novel.

The character designs will be done by the same illustrator for Clannad and Air, Itaru Hinoue. It looks like there has some major improvements on the designs since the two series from Key too!

You might be familiar with Ryukishi07, who is the creator of Higurashi and Umineko. You might also be familiar with Yuuto Tonokawa and Romeo Tanaka who worked on Cross†Channel. Both “teams” are working together with Key to produce the scenarios for Rewrite.

You can find screens of Rewrite from 4gamer’s website coverage of Rewrite.

Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I heard of “Rewrite” sometime ago on Key’s website… I can’t really remember, can anyone with visual novel knowledge refresh me on this?

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