Kimi ni Todoke EP04 — Misunderstanding, Misinterpreting…


If moments like these lasts forever…

Continuing on the rumours that were spreading about Sawako in the last episode, Episode 4 brings about whole new wave of feelings that is seemingly to what Clannad ~After Story~ had done. Yes, it’s that kind of of sympathy and sadnes feeling that you would get when you’re watching this episode.

Kimi ni Todoke is a great series, no doubt about that, seeing that it has touched something extremely close to what I believe in. The determination that Sawako has is nothing less than amazing, although no matter how much determination Sawako has, it seems that a little rumour would destroy all the friendship bonds that Sawako had tries so hard to establish.

Whoever’s spreading rumours about Sawako needs to be taught a lesson. Especially by Yoshida.

Watching this episode has been pretty okay at the start. The misunderstandings happened around the middle of the episode and it did really make watching the rest of the episode pretty hard for me.

Of course, this situation where Sawako was placed in is definitely something that can’t be avoided. Since Kazehaya is a popular person, there will bound to be people who would be jealous of Kazehaya being together with Sawako. It’s rather obvious, seeing that whoever is spreading the rumours is deliberately trying to separate Sawako away from Kazehaya.



Awww Sawako. If only they are here to listen to what you’ve got to say…

Misunderstanding is an extremely powerful thing. I can’t help but to feel that Yano and Yoshida had been too quick to judge Sawako during their little exchange. Although this can be attributed to the fact that they had misunderstood Sawako when she was telling her friend that both Yano and Yoshida are not “friends”. However, due to the interruption by Pin, both of them didn’t get to listen to what Sawako had to say. What was supposed to be a honest reply why Sawako doesn’t think that she is good enough to be Yano’s and Yoshida’s friend turned out to be a massive misunderstanding that just keeps getting bigger and bigger.


Don’t give up Sawako! There are lots of people behind you!

On one hand, Sawako’s inability to communicate to people as well as others would have does pose a problem for her when she faces these kind of huge misunderstanding problems. However, you can’t really blame her for that, since she is still on her journey to open up herself more to others. But it’s still pretty sad some of these misunderstandings can be cleared up if she doesn’t think too much into her being a trouble to others…

Here’s wishing that Sawako quickly clears up the misunderstandings in the next episode! It would really hurt if the next episode ended with with the same mood that had ended this episode.

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