Kimi ni Todoke — First Impressions And Surprisingly Cute!


This is definitely not a ghost story!

To be honest, Shoujo animes doesn’t exactly interest me at all, since they are… well, geared towards the female audience more often than the male audience. The last shoujo anime I’ve touched was Special A, and I didn’t really finish it due to some reasons or another.

However, Kimi ni Todoke is a completely different case for me.

While it’s certainly geared towards the female audience, I’m totally in love with the kind of approach the anime is going. The environment that the story takes place closely resembles to the feeling that I get when I was watching ARIA. The characters that appears in the series are likable and most of the time, cute, especially the all-depressing-to-others Sawako.


She rarely shows her inner self to others, which is surprisingly cute!

Despite the “negative aura” that her classmates associates her with, Sawako is surprisingly a positive person that always thinks for others before herself. This makes her an extremely likable person in my opinion!

The art style for Kimi ni Todoke is extremely bright and cheerful, and it is mostly pleasing to the eyes. Plus, there’s the cute chibi versions of Sawako to boot!

The first episode was presented in a way that it felt extremely right. We get introduced to poor Sawako, who is always misunderstood because of her way of expressing to others. Then we get to see Shota Kazehaya, a boy whom Sawako has feelings towards. Watching the episode gives a warm and fuzzy feeling as both of them met up with each other and tries to defend each other when their classmates had supposedly misunderstood them.


Blessing or curse?

The best line in this particular episode has just to be when Shota said that it’s rude to call “going out with Sawako as a punishment game”. I don’t know about you, but that just has to be the most beautiful line in the whole episode.

In many ways, the first episode of Kimi ni Todoke is extremely beautiful and heartwarming, as well as being able to relay some moment of cuteness in it, making some of the best impressions I’ve ever had since I’ve first watched ARIA. And I can safely say that it’s a good thing.

Really good.

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