Kojima’s Teaser Site Updated With Big Boss, Huge Hints Of MGS5


Another 120 hours had passed since the second countdown for Kojima’s Teaser site. So, what can we expect from Kojima after making us wait for nearly 240 hours?

Well, another 120 hours, of course! But at least Kojima is a lot kinder than last time, since he have finally shed light on the next game he is making, with Big Boss taking the spotlight.

Sorry to the other Kojima series fans, with Big Boss in the picture, it would look like it’s definitely going to be an Metal Gear Solid game.

The new countdown is launched right after the old countdown has expired. Although there isn’t much to see in the new flash countdown, which still features the same stormy and rainy background, if you happen to closely look (or patiently) at the flash, you can actually find some new content.

After idling at the site for awhile, I’ve managed to gather some information on the new site. It seems that the site will flash several letters/numbers at random interval, although I’ve no idea what it can be pieced together. There is also the very distinct picture of Big Boss (because of his eye-patch) during several of the flashes. What I’ve found thus far can found at the bottom of the post. Maybe you will have more luck than I do in figuring what it means.

Isn’t this big enough of a hint already? It’s clearly Metal Gear Solid! I can’t think of anything else that has Big Boss in the picture!

However, if Big Boss does make an appearance, it would mean that the game would be jumping back in time, and will not be a sequel to whatever that has happened in MGS4. But then again, that’s just a theory.



According to Joystiq, the final few hours of the second countdown had actually revealed both Raiden and Big Boss, it’s quite impossible for them to appear together in the same timeline. I’ve got a couple of theories in my head, but I don’t really think that it’s actually correct. It’s speculation after all.

So, if anyone does know what does the below pictures actually adds up, please do tip us!


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