[Kokoro] Live Adaptation to be presented in Tokyo!

Stay back! She is mine, ya hear me?!

After presenting [Kokoro] in ACM Theater in August 23, 2009, a live adaptation of [Kokoro] was planned to be shown in early August 2010 in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

This particular Adaptation will use original [Kokoro] as well as the bgm featured in it. The main character will follow the costume illustration of Rejudice, as it is more popular and original compare to Rin’s original outfit.

Click on the image to visit the blog regarding the adaptation!

Oh, just read more inside! [Kokoro] is still the best of Rin as of now. [Meltdown] can just go away!

Currently, they are hiring people above the age of 18 to be part of their cast. But unless you just so happen to be in Japan, in which we will stone you, dream on.

Each ticket currently cost 3,800 yen if you preorder now, and they will cost 3,400 yen on the day itself.

On a side note, there is a reason for you to browse through this post.

[Kokoro] requires approximately 30,000 more views before it hits 1,000,000 views. So for those interested, do help out.

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