“Kyo-no Hanna”: Personal Kyoto Tour Guide

Thinking of going to Kyoto, but don’t know where to start? Well, take a moment off and you just might have a personal Kyoto tour guide in your pockets!

The Japanese National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (also known as NICT) had released an iPhone app for free sometime ago called “Kyo-no Hanna” which markets itself on being a “personal Kyoto Tour Guide” for English users who are looking to go around places in Kyoto.

Featuring a “spoken dialogue processing technology” developed by NICT as mentioned on the product background, the app allows users to use voice commands to get travel information of Kyoto. This means users can use spoken dialogues such as “show me the map of Kyoto” to access the local map of Kyoto itself. The app also boasts allowing users to navigate around Kyoto without the usage of bulky travel guides as everything is compacted into a single app on their iPhone.

An example of how to use the app.

“Kyo-no Hanna” is actually the English version of another similar Japanese version of the app called “AssisTra”, which also provides information on Kyoto.

For a limited time (until 31st March 2013), “Kyo-no Hanna” will be made available and free for download in the App Store.



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