Kyoto Hits 50 Million Tourist Mark


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The amount of tourist that has visited Kyoto have finally hit the 50 million mark. This came about 2 years earlier than expected, as the Kyoto municipal government had set the 50 million mark target to be reached by 2010.

The amount of tourist to the ancient capital (Kyoto was Japan’s capital, before Tokyo or Edo became the capital on 1868) had reached to 50.21 million in 2008. This is owed much to the increase number of students visiting Kyoto for excursion trips, as well as successful tourism campaign during the winter.

The city had experienced a major drop of tourist because of the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake, where numbers dropped to as low as 34 million. After that, measures such as promoting the prefecture to the schools were introduced to invite more tourist into Kyoto. A series of promotional events were also introduced, such as a Hanatoro illumination event that was aimed toward luring travelers during the off-peak winter season.

Another reason for the increase in tourists was an event to mark the millennium of “The Tale of Genji,” the world’s oldest surviving full-length novel, held November last year.

But then again, I can’t dismiss the possibility that some *cough*anime*cough* have something to do with the increase the amount of tourist that had visited the area. Maybe a certain *cough*studio*cough* may also have something to do with it too.

Source: Yomiuri Shimbun.

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