LBW Moon: Hellish Morning in a LRT

LBW Moon Article XX

A hellish morning in a Light Rail Transit

Any curious people want to enjoy a ride of a light rail?
It is indeed an “incredible” experience that will cause any sane individual to go insane.

I took the liberty to ride a light rail transit from XXX City to YYY city in the morning. The company’s name will be classified to avoid lawsuit.
I arrived at the light rail station in the morning. Guess what? The station was already filled with many executives, or whatever it is. Majority of them were humans.
It is sickening to see so many people gathering, trying to shove other people to avoid them getting the seat.
Soon, a LRT arrived to fetch its passengers. My instinct allowed me to snatch a seat in the LRT.

Hell broke loose here.
Humans immediately occupied the seat. Those who were forced to stand were frowning.
A pungent stench swirling around the air disrupted my nose.
Those stench was what they called perfume, or ester. A perfume is a fragrant oil used to release a pleasant aroma. However, they did not realize that the amount they put were too much! These selfish lots disregarded the passengers’ nose, so long as they could enjoy their overpowered perfume.
Like the saying goes, everything needs to be moderate in order to make a pleasant, balance and harmony atmosphere.
Not wanting to be beaten by these human mobs, I decided to endure the pollution.
The hell did not end there, after every stop at a LRT stand; multitude amount of humans came entering the LRT.
All seats were instantly occupied.
Idiots sitting at the seat tried to squeeze in every space they had, ignoring any presence around them. This was the first time sitting was so uncomfortable, due to these mobs..
The heavy stench of perfume combined with the enormous amount of humans stealing oxygen making breathing extremely unpleasant. It was a choking experience.
Some people would even blare their disgusting MP3, disregarding the surrounding people who did not even want to listen to their stupid favorite music or song.
I was in the verge of screaming, yet I was able to endure the whole torment throughout my trip in the light rail.

Just when the LRT reached my destination, another hell awaits.
The passengers walked out of the LRT slowly. I forced myself to squeeze through these humans in order to leave the horrible LRT.

Therefore, children or adults out there, if you are curious about a LRT ride, let me tell you, it is sick.

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