LBW Moon: Shocking advertisement!

LBW Moon Article XX
A shocking advertisement! *Strictly not for people who can’t take humour*

Mcdonalds is a well-known fast food chain serving us for at least 68 years.
Our hamburgers come from Mcdonalds.


One sunny afternoon, I decide to eat a tasty meal in Mcdonalds.
My appetite, gone within seconds after seeing this advertisement.
I forgot I was hungry.

Before that, let me introduce to a girl.
Her name is Matsuon Iku (Name has been changed to avoid lawsuit and personal safety)
According to my researchers, she is a android designed to sing.
She has a relatively large fanbase in Japan.
I believe she has a will on her own, but where does she live?
Here is a picture of the idol.
Matsuon Iku.

Okay, end of introduction to Iku…..

Ten times the horror in Dead Time! (Game name changed to avoid lawsuit)

I mean, posing in an advertisement is alright, that will gain you more fan… But….. look at your body size! Is this an intentional act to demoralize Mcdonalds, or to show that foods in Mcdonalds make you fat? Oh, how did you make yourself so fat? You’re supposed to look slender! On a side note, Mcdonalds food really gives high calory, but that problem can be solved through constant exercise. I end up not eating for a single day, feeling weak but not hungry. So advertisers, please avoid using fat people as a model, that will rape innocent citizen’s mind, until they go mind-dead.

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