LBW Moon: South Americans practice cannibalism


P.S: This article was not meant to make fun of racial, nor a racial slur but a humour.
Those who cannot take humours are adviced not to continue reading.

Sitting at a random place in South America, an aroma drew me in.
This aroma drew me into a small village of Kelan.
The aroma was so nice that it further rumbled my stomach.
All the South Americans tribes were gathered at one place, eagerly awaiting their meal.
However, what was inside the hotpot was…

As a youkai myself, I was shocked by the fact that even humans eat their own kind.
It was like an ancient superstitious yet meaningless sacrifice made by humans.
These sacrifice involves offering a human and burning them in a hot pot.
Not wanting to involve myself in this hostile cannibalism, I went away from them.

According to the village leader, the victim attacked the whole village randomly.
“How can she attack all the villagers randomly?” – Village Leader
“She was attacking everything she sees, from livestocks to children, and later, adults.” – Farmer
“She even tried to kidnap my puppies!” – Dog lover
“I am hungry.” – Boy
“I am scared…” – Girl

“She got what she deserved. She thought  that our tribes are easily bullied.” – Man
Many villagers were wounded by the victim’s rampage, however, the victim’s rampage was eventually subdued by a heroine.
Seeking revenge and justice, the villagers “deskinned” the victim and threw the victim into a hot pot.

The fate of the victim is unknown, but it is safe to presume that the victim was consumed for her hostility.
Humans are adviced not to approach these South Americans to avoid being eaten alive.


(The victim’s name is not shown to protect the victim’s identity)

Victim: You got some nerves to write this garbage!
Kuro: It’s the latest issue of the LBW Moon, publishing only the truth of what everyone can’t see.
Victim: Something so ridiculous as a truth? Huh! Your logic is certainly perfect.
Kuro: Of course, the truths are perfect after all.
Victim: And you write it as though I was eaten alive!
Kuro: That was the impression you gave me…
Victim: That was hell! Without any covering on my body, my whole body was burnt like crap for an hour! Every villagers were looking at me as though I was a food!
Kuro: I see, I was wondering how you survived it, let alone be talking to me.
Victim: Ugh…
Kuro: Forget that, here is a question. What causes your rampage?
Victim: Brandy! I drank too much of it and lose control of myself.
Kuro: Oh really? I heard from the village leader’s daughter that you are in a bloodlust, trying to challenge the whole village to a fight.
Victim: That was a farce!
Kuro: Really? I think she personally subdued you.
Victim: Shut up!
Kuro: Am I to take it as an information?
Victim: I said shut up! And **** with your rotting news… I mean, garbage!
Kuro: Excuse me, I would like a more accurate statement. What causes your rampage?
Kuro: Okay, but you see, it just contradicts your statement that you were able to feel pain and embaressment from a hot pot. If someone was drunk, he or she wouldn’t able to feel pain or remember it.
Victim: You’re getting on my nerves!
Kuro: Wait wait, I don’t want to fight you, I just wanted to know the truth. Hmmm… this might be good for an article.

Hmmm... nothing smells like the aroma of human.

(The victim was later returned to a hot pot once again.)

P.S: Cannibalism is forbidden to all human beings!

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