Lost Your Job? Ragnarok Online Launches “Care Campaign”

An extra help is always nice, right?

When the word “care” comes to mind, it would probably occur to you that some help would be given, right? That’s exactly what is given during this “care campaign” that the popular MMO, Ragnarok Online, has launched.

Now, you would probably wonder why losing your job has got to do with the game at all. More information, after the break!

Due to economical climate that the world is suffering from Gravity realizes that a good number of people are either under economic stress or had simply lost their job. In order to reduce such stresses on it’s community, Gravity has decided that they would launch the “Care Campaign”, or in a more detailed term: they will be giving all subscribers 3 months free worth of subscription to help them cope with the tough time.

Apparently, this campaign have started as early as 1st June 2009 (if i’m not wrong, this offer only extends to the US localized version), and the reason why Gravity had launched such a campaign is to allow their players to have a great time in the game, while not worrying about the subscription fees that they have to pay. After all, as Yoshinori Kitamura, Chief Executive Officer of Gravity Interactive would say:

“Playing Ragnarok is a great way to relax with friends and wind down from a stressful day and the last thing we want to do is take this away from our users due to something that’s completely out of their control. All of us at Gravity deeply feels for our community and wish them all the best of luck through these tough times.”

If you’ve yet to know what Ragnarok Online is (c’mon, it’s 7 years old MMO…), you might want to go to the official US web for RO yourself. If the game allows the activation of the free 3 months as soon as you sign up with them, then you probably have a 3 months trial or something like that! Excellent opportunity not to be missed!

It’s definitely an excellent move on Gravity’s side, as they provide some sort of financial aid for their subscribers, but one can’t help but to notice the other meaning to such a campaign…

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