Lotte no Omocha! Getting Anime Adaptation

Lotte no Omocha! has recently been announced in the latest issue of Dengeki Maoh magazine that an anime adaptation is in production. Dengeki Maoh is also the magazine where Lotte no Omocha! is serialized, with about 4 volumes of manga currently released.

The manga is authored and illustrated by Haga Yui, who also had illustrated for the light novel version of Baka Test.

The story itself is nothing amazing, considering this is some of the most ridiculous reverse harem plot I’ve ever seen. The story revolves around a young father Touhara Naoya who is in need of money to support both him and his daughter. A “mysterious lady” greets him along his way one day and offers him a “good paying job”, which he had accepted.

Little did he know that he will be “working” as a potential candidate for the succubus princess Astrarotte Ygvar’s harem, who requires a substance called “Sauzfryma” (or known as, uh, semen for the “human” world) to keep herself young and beautiful.

Did I mention that Ygvar’s 10 years old too? Zing!


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