Love Plus+ Accidentally Revealed

If you’re fan of the Nintendo DS game, Love Plus, then you’ll probably be interested in the upcoming game called Love Plus+.

Famitsu had accidentally posted their next week magazine cover on their website, and it hints that they have some sort of information regarding an upcoming Love Plus+ game. Other information that were “leaked” via the image includes something about BlazBlue: Continnum Shift, but asides from the titles, it looks like there isn’t much information.

The image of the magazine cover was quickly taken down by Enterbrain, but generally speaking, it’s pretty difficult to keep it a secret anymore when an image has been revealed to the internet.

I guess we’ll see more information regarding the upcoming Love Plus+, as well as BlazBlue: Continnum Shift. Maybe they are finally announcing the home console versions?

Via: Canned Dogs.

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