Love Plus Christmas Party Happening Tonight!

love plus manaka takane

Nico Nico Douga will play host to a very special event which will take place tonight over at their streaming website. Called “Love Plus Christmas Event: Merry +mas 2010“, the event which brings the Love Plus girls together for a Christmas celeberration is slated to start taking place over the internet at exactly 7pm Japan Standard Time (+9 GMT).

The site will start allowing people to begin their streams starting 6pm Japan Standard Time, so there’s actually quite some time for anyone to get prepared if they are participating in the Christmas Event!

During the event, all 3 girls will appear on the stream to do a couple of performance for the internet audience. In addition to that, other guests includes real people such as the producer, game director and designer of Love Plus, all accompanied by a host for the show itself. While the 3 virtual girls do appear on the stream itself, it’s generally unknown how long are they going to be on the stream, but I’m pretty sure no one really cares as they appear!

In addition to that, the fictional Dixes family restaurant will open in Roppongi for a period of 3 hours as a way to commemorate the event. Fans of Love Plus would know that this particular Dixes family restaurant is the site where the player’s character and Nene works at. Food-wise, Dixes will serving food from Starbucks and Pizza hut, so it isn’t so bad after all. But anyone who is expecting some family dishes would probably be disappointed!

So, if you’re a Love Plus fan, why not drop by Nico Nico Douga’s live stream today and participate in the Christmas mood? Heck, you might even get a few details out of the staffers of the game when they do talk about Love Plus 3DS!



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