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Lucent Heart wants you!

Welcome to yet another edition of MMO Insight. This time round, I’ll bringing you guys a game that the NotCliche Team has recently stumbled upon: Lucent Heart.

Lucent Heart (or Zodiac Online when translated) is from Gamania. The game is related with the 12 constellations that lies along the ecliptic. The game bear some similarities to Saint Seiya the anime/manga.

Lucent Heart is quite an established MMO by itself too! Boasting superior graphics and some of the best elements of any MMORPGs into one neat package, what’s there not to like about this game?

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Lucent Heart is quite a successful game in it’s own right, as it has established quite a community, and the content of the game is simply amazing. Lots of areas to explore, as well as all the awesomeness of Japanese culture into one game. Hell, it has even won an award as Best Rookie MMORPG!

Award Winning!

One of the special features of the game is the constellation elements. These constellation elements affects your gameplay, such as daily luck, the constellation story, individuality and emotion. The daily luck are more or less your astrology forecast for players. These, in turn, will affect the combat ability, relationship, crafting luck, element and item drop rate for the player.

Not only that, different constellation elements have different set of talent skills too.

These horoscopes also affect the classes you might want to pick which will be introduce later on the post. As later part of the game, players are required to do the  quest that will enlighten their  character and gain horoscope powers. This will allow player to choose different combat ability boosters and awakening. (more information later in the post!)

Every horoscopes have different types of ability boost and special skills, which match certain classes. An example is that Leo is able gain 60% more critical damage in return for 5% less critical chances. Some of the other skills includes a skill that add 20000 defense for 30 sec at the cost of 1% HP and MP per second. Of course, judging by the name, Leo should resemble a tanker kind of role, which means that these skills will match nicely with the player’s desired constellation.

Another interesting  feature is the “Cupid System”. It allows players to collect information about other players and find a suitable partner in game (yes, it’s another way of saying, go find your online soul mate!). Of course there is a marriage system too. Marriage allows the use of special actions and privileges when in party battle and date dungeons. These special actions are usable only when certain numbers of love points are achieved.

Here are some examples of the marriage system at work. Kind of impressive, if you ask me.

While the game features some amazing gameplay and a fantastic marriage system, there’s nothing like how a player could interact with others in the game.

Lucent Heart has an extensive amount of special expressions, ranging from dancing to facial expression. One of the most notable dance move is Caramelldansen, a popular internet meme that has somehow found it’s own way into this particular MMO.

Some of the other dances includes weapon dances and stuffs like that.

Hey look! Caramelldansen in an MMO!

Here’s a brief run-down on the classes that are available on Lucent Heart. All classes are able to branch out to a higher leveled job. There’s a total of 3 stages of classes where you can advance in Lucent Heart as of now.

When you start out in Lucent Heart, there’s two different kinds of paths where you can go for. Mage, who specializes in Magics or Fighter, a physical attack orientated path. Both paths will branch out into different classes as you move forward in the game. Below is a list of where you can branch out to:

Physical Attack:

Fighter can advance to either:

  • Gunner (ranged attacker)
  • Knight (melee attacker)

Knight can advance to either:

  • Paladin (defensive melee attacker)
  • Templar Knight (offensive melee attacker)

Gunner can advance to either:

  • Ranger (party supportive range attacker)
  • Sniper (offensive orientated range attacker)

Magicial Attack:

Mage can advance to either:

  • Priest (supportive)
  • Magician (offensive)

Priest can advance to either:

  • Prophet (enhanced buffing skills)
  • Bishop (enhanced healing skills)

Magician can advance to either:

  • Wizard (offensive orientated caster)
  • Sorcerer (party supportive caster)

Lucent Heart’s diverse classes doesn’t end just there. While you’re pondering about what classes you should go for, there are actually another set of skills called Professions. Profession are so called skills which will aid you in your journey in Lucent Heart. There’s a total of 6 different professions, each with it’s own unique ability and roles.

Since the NPC does not sell all the equipment you would want, crafting is one of the easiest option to get a desired equipment. While crafting does sound like a good way to be independant, the most crafting items requires materials created from other professions. This means that socialization, such as trading of materials is extremely important when you’re aiming for a particular item.

They also have a profession board. This board allows players to do trading even while they are offline, so other players are able to purchase the required materials off them. This is done so, by other players who have the profession and they posting what they can craft in return with a service charge.

The 6 profession are weapon and heavy armor, light armor and clothes, cards, grenade, potion, accessories and enhancement materials.


Crafting in the game.

Elements are present in this game as well such as Fire, Water, Ice, Earth and Wind. The elemental cycle is:

Fire > Water > Wind > Earth > Fire (and the cycle continues…)

The spells in the game have different elements each and they can be used to chain attacks together. For example, if you use Fire Ball (fire element) on an Entangled (earth element) enemy, you will do extra damage. However, once the Fire Ball comes in contact with the enemy, the enemy turns to fire element. Now, if you use Ice Bolt (water element) on the enemy, you’ll do another round of extra damage. Sounds pretty neat, huh?

Another feature of the game is the inclusion of an auto loot system. This allows you , and only you to get the loots/EXP if the system determines that you’re the rightful “owner” of the monster.

The monsters in Lucent Heart are rather complex in a sense, since there are several categories of monsters. Each monsters will have a particular assigned element too. The monsters are split into 4 different categories with increasing difficulty. They are: normal (普通), strengthen (強力),  elite (精鋭) or Hero (英雄).

Hero-type monsters are also considered as boss types. Of course, like other all MMORPGs out there, the EXP and Drops would largely depend on the level of monster you’ve killed.


Lucky Critical!

There are also dungeons in this game, practically using summoning stones to activate these dungeon or via quests dungeon (such as sewers). These dungeon are usually accompanied by elite and hero type monsters which would mean certain death if you’re not prepared.


Death and respawn.

Like almost every single MMORPGs out there these days, Lucent Heart features a “Pet System”. However, the Pet System in Lucent Heart is extremely extensive, with several different kinds of pets in the game. There are generally 2 kinds of pets as of now, mainly the Status Boost Pets and Combat Assist Pets.

Each of these pets are unique in their own way, as both categories of pets focuses on different aspects on aiding the player. Like the name suggests, Status Boost pets helps player by increasing their strengths and status. Combat Assist pets helps players by attacking the enemies themselves.

Status boost and buffs are dependent on the pet’s level. These pets level via feeding them and there are huge varieties. Such as  mini-floating fishes , puppies , lion cubs, mini-maids, moon angels. Below are pictures of moon angel, mini-maid and lion cub (their fashion colors and hair colors depends on what you feed them as well).

Some examples of Status Boosting Pets.

They have combat-assisting pets as well . Which assists you in battle. These pets have damaging skills, debuffs, buffs and normal commands such as retreat, formation which are controllable by the player.

All the skills that these pets have are completely controllable by players.

They gain level via combating along player’s side, when summoned from the item. Each combat pet have their individual abilities  and  stats growth. Some of these pets are capable of ranged attacks, while some are capable of magical attacks. Every single pet is more or less unique to itself.  Their stats growth can be influence by Gash Item (cash items, where you buy some online credits to buy in-game items). Below are some of the combat pets. They are Artemis, Trier Wolf , the north girl and Ares’s Illusion (from top to bottom).

Different kind of Combat-Assist pets.

As the map design for the game is rather huge and so, there is more room for exploration and more than enough mobs to kill. Traveling from area to area will take quite some time.

An example of how the map looks like in the game. Pretty informative.

Lucent Heart also features something known as mounts. Mounts can be bought or exchange using coupons of daily quest. Mounts enable players to reach their destination faster and each particular mount have their own unique abilities. Some add more speed some less in return of having +15% dodge rate and the list goes on.

While riding mount players are unable to use their attack skills or use items. Mobs are able to hit you off the ride too when they deal a certain amount of damage. Some examples of mount are the Goat, Lion Balloons, Rhino, Wolves and couples Unicorn mounts.


Mounts are a good way of transportation. The couple mount is the one on the background.

Now I will go into further detail horoscope awakening, upon reaching level 30 (75 currently is the max level), players are able to use their awaken powers by choosing the only available activator  in level 30. It enables your character’s level 25 chosen status add to be implement over a small duration with a cool down of 20 minutes. There are three  stats add throughout the game so far and out of the  3 choices you have to choose one for the following level 25 , 55 , 75

The status modifications are as shown on this web link.

Different horoscopes have different design and colored awaken type armors. They also have different amount of  status modifications, such as HP, MP, Attacking Power and Spell Attack Power.

You can also check out the Horoscope designs on this particular link.

Overall, the game is rather enjoyable, as it’s not the same grindy kind of MMOs around in the market. Lucent Heart is an extremely quest orientated game, which allows you to level up easily via completion of quests.

If you’re interested, as of  the moment I’m a level 46 Templar Knight.

Now that you know how Lucent Hearts is about, you may want to give it a try. No worries, it’s completely free. You just need to sign up for an account here, as well as download the client and you’re good to go!

Of course, being a Japanese game, it’s always good to have some Japanese knowledge before you start the game!


Official Site

Resource Link

Pictures are from Lucent heart wiki, Lucent Heart official gallery and from screen shots from the game.

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