Lucky Star Sketch Fetches 1.3 Million Yen


And they said the anime industry is dying! To think that this particular sketch is able to fetch 1.3 million yen during an auction, I doubt the anime industry is near dying anytime soon.

A sketch of Hiiragi Kagami done by popular game illustrator Naru Nanao had recently fetch 1.3 million yen in an auction held on Sunday evening. The sketch was given out as a random draw to the readers of during the December 2007 issue of Kadokawa Shoten’s COMPTIQ.

The sketch had drawn quite a number of bidders, three of which whom had entered bids of more than 1.2million yen during the last 10 minutes of bidding on 12th July.

Although Naru Nanao had no relation with the anime series of Lucky Star, the sketch was done to mark the end of the anime series. Naru Nanao is famous for her works on several popular series, such as D.C ~Da Capo~, ef – a fairy tale of the two and some other series that had all been adapted into animes.

Via: ANN.

1.3 million yen roughly translates to about USD$14,000. Think of the amount of eroges, food and hardware you can buy with all those!


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