M-Trix Introduces “Marketplace” For Eroge On Android

Japanese company M-Trix had launched their own “marketplace” kind of system on Android called “M-Trix Market“, which is specifically targeted towards providing Japanese eroge on the Android platform. M-Trix has been involved in the porting of several eroge, such as Kirakira onto the Android platform before.

A list of games offered in the marketplace.

The “marketplace” that was launched in July, making it some of the first few services to offer a library of ero-content on Android for Japan. Offering both free and paid apps, the marketplace was mentioned to have served at least over 10,000 downloads since it’s launch day.

M-Trix has also recently added a “rejected apps” section to their “marketplace” too, offering rejected eroge apps at an extremely low price for evaluation purposes, or at the very least, allow their creators to recoup some of their costs while making the app. There’s no “app” per-say for the market, but rather, users are expected to just visit the “M-Trix Market” to get the list of apps that they could download.

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