Mabinogi 2 Said To Be Launching in 2012

Nexon has recently announced a couple of new announcements for their “free-to-play” games and one of them happens to be Mabinogi 2.

The korean MMO giant is placing a Q3/Q4 release for Mabinogi 2, putting emphasis on that it’s a “new game with a completely different game world and gameplay from the original”. Whether that’s good news or not remains to be seen, if Mabinogi Heroes (or Vindictus) kind of change is of any indication.

Mabinogi is a MMORPG from developer devCAT which aims to set itself differently from the MMORPGs these days. Boasting a very community-based gameplay, Mabinogi places focus on interaction with fellow players, NPC and others instead of the repetitive combat and leveling found in other MMORPGs. Players could do all sorts of community-based actions in the game, such as going around campfires to chat, sing, even play instruments. They could also farm, tailor clothes and many more. Some fans goes as far as referring Mabinogi as the “cute” version of the MMO Second Life!

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