Male Maid Cafe: Crossdressing A Rising Popularity?

Maybe Jun has a part in this whole crossdressing thing!

Enter Hibari-kei, where every single waitress… or rather waiter would dress up in cute maid uniforms and serve drinks as well as food their costumers. What you would usually expect in an ordinary maid cafe would be provided in the same manner, although there’s a catch: all the maids here aren’t exactly females, but rather, they are males dressed up in cute female clothing.

Proudly proclaiming itself as the first and only crossdressing cafe in the whole of Akihabara, the cafe is majority staffed by males who works as IT personnel near or in Akihabara. In the day, they may look like your average IT technician, but when the time comes about for them to start their second job, they turn themselves into marvelous looking maids. And it looks like the cafe is doing pretty well, with customers coming from both genders.

If you’re interested, you can drop by Hibari-kei’s official website for some more details with regards to where they are, as well as the staffers that are staffing the cafe.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with crossdressing, as even cosplaying events would have one or two of them running around the event area (and they look extremely appropriate too), but with the whole crossdressing getting more and more popular these days, one can’t help but to question why are the male of Japan getting more and more interested in the whole thing of crossdressing?

With the increase of herbivorous men in Japan these days, one can’t help but to feel a little interested (in a sense) towards the whole crossdressing culture that is seemingly getting more and more popular these days. The crossdressing culture does not extend to maid cafes or even cosplays as sometimes men would wear skirts outside to the streets, although that can be considered as an alternative form of clothing, rather that simply crossdressing.

But several questions still remains:  How did this whole crossdressing ideology got popular in the first place? Is the popularity of crossdressing on the rise? What would it be like in the near future?

Via: InventorSpot.

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