Manga Creator Groups Opposes Revised “Non-Existent Youth” Bill

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They wouldn’t be screaming for joy anymore when the bill does get passed…!

Three manga creator groups have recently announced their opposition towards Bill 156, or more commonly known as the “non-existent youth” bill by the general public. The three manga groups, the Japan Cartoonists Association, the Copyright Network for Comic Authors in the 21st Century, and Manga Japan have made a joint statement regarding the nature of the bill itself.

They believe that there’s an extremely high risk of the bill infringing on the freedom of expression for many creators out there, due to the expansive scope of the proposed regulations of the bill. If the bill were to pass, this could mean that the manga and anime industry could be starved of creative and versatile methods of delivering content to their consumers. In all, they believe that the “restrictions that are proposed in the bill are vague and unclear, and with most manga and anime falling in the “exaggerated” category these days, it would be extremely disastrous for the industry that Japan is so famous for.

Despite this “announcement”, the final decision is more or less decided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. Based off earlier statistics, while the previous bills has been rejected, almost half of the assembly had voted support for the bill. The Democratic Party of Japan, one of the largest faction of the assembly has yet to make a stance of the current revised bill, although they had previously rejected the bills.


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