Manga Publishers Working Together Against “Scanlations”

Artwork by: スーバチルマ @ Pixiv.

Probably one of the biggest combined efforts put together against manga on the internet, 36 companies members who are part of the Japan’s Digital Comic Association (Square Enix, VIZ Media, Tokyopop and more) has formed an international coalition that is intended to “combat” unauthorized online manga distribution.

The coalition is mainly targeting “scanlations”, or more commonly known as manga scans, which are widely available through the internet. So far, the coalition has announced that they targeting almost 30 different kind of “manga aggregator” which according to them, “host thousands of pirated titles, earning ad revenue and/or membership dues at creators’ expense.” Not sure how much of this is actually true, but you get the general idea.

Scanlations are often subjects of manga translations, so translation groups might also be somewhat affected in this whole incident. Online manga reading services (such as onemanga) might be affected too, although one would wonder if they do classify under the description of what the coalition had mention as these website’s revenues are all ad-based.

“It is unfortunate that this action has become necessary. However, to protect the intellectual property rights of our creators and the overall health of our industry, we are left with no other alternative but to take aggressive action.”

The coalition will be actively engaging in activities that may or may not directly affect the community around us, but that’s not for sure as no one knows who are they actually targeting. Would be bad if the online manga sites starts to go down, but then again, you can’t really blame the publishers for protecting their own copyrights and such like that.

Via: VIZ Media.

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