Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker Offers 2 Kinds Of Controls


One of the screenshots from MGS: Peacewalker.

The brains behind the awesome series of Metal Gear — Hideo Kojima — has recently announced that the upcoming installment of Metal Gear for the PSP will feature something that not much PSP games have implemented: two different kind of controls for the whole game.

While it’s currently not clear if both controls are to be used together, one can assume that each control is totally unique and most likely independent from each other. This means that players can select between two control schemes to make sure that which control suits them more.

The different controls are namely the Action-mode or the Shooting-mode. The action mode uses the D-Pad to control the camera movement, while the shooting mode uses the analog instead. This allows the player to judge which kind of control they like more. It’s unknown, however, if the other buttons are to be affected by the different control schemes.

The game will be first released as a demo format, similar to the one that had been shown during Tokyo Games Show. Peacewalker has touted by the Kojima team that they are trying to put PS3 standards of graphics into the PSP, which is quite an amazing feat if you ask me. Early screenshots shows that the Kojima team might just deliver what they promised.

Personally speaking, the shooting-mode kind of controls would work wonders for me. Using D-Pad to aim yourself isn’t exactly the most natural thing to me… Glad that Kojima had actually went the distance to think for the others!

Via: Andriasang.

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