Metal Gear Solid: Rising — Confirmed To Be Multi-Platform


During the E3 Konami Conference held on 3rd June, it would seem that the newest addition to the whole Metal Gear line up will actually be multi-platform. Yes, that means it’ll be released on all 3 hardcore gaming platforms — 360, PS3 and PC.

According to Kojima, it is said that the tagline “Lightning Bolt Action” is actually a term that they would develop the technology for the game first, before creating the content. It is also said that Rising will be created by a new young team of developers. But, I’m sure “Lightning Bolt Action” is not really anything related to that…

Although those that are hoping for a 360 exclusive will be left disappointed, it’s actually a good thing. I mean, the last Metal Gear game to be released on the PC was Metal Gear Solid 2, and how long ago was that? I don’t think I can remember. With Rising coming to the PC, it’s definitely an indication that the PC platform is slowly getting back it’s popularity.

And oh, remember all the storms and stuff shown during the teaser site? Kojima says that it’s actually a representation of the current economical condition, and that the entertainment industry will be the one clearing up the storm, as seen on the last few hours of the last countdown. Sounds feasible, yes?

Via: Joystiq.


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