Microsoft Laughs At It’s Own Internet Explorer

Although there are many internet browsers out there such as Chrome and Firefox, Internet Explorer is still the most widely used internet browser out despite the poor performance it has as compared to the other browsers.

And Microsoft is not afraid to laugh at it’s own Internet Explorer’s mistakes.

The above video is shown during a private conference in UK Imagine Cup last week. In the video, Microsoft uses numerous video edits to make it look like web developers were praising the Internet Explorer, although it’s sure that the developers’ faces says otherwise.

Despite the video’s nature, the video’s real aim is promote Microsoft’s upcoming IE9 (Internet Explorer 9), which is said to be best Internet Explorer yet with numerous security and enhanced UI with several other nifty features that tech geeks would swoon over for. To keep things short, it’s Microsoft’s answer to the ever-increasing competition on the browser war and it might just be the thing to restore people’s confidence and interest back into the Internet Explorer name.

And of course, it’s always good to know that a company could actually laugh at itself, because it shows that they actually know what mistakes they are making!


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