Microsoft Launches Xbox 360’s “Super Value Bundle”, Only In Japan!


The upcoming super value bundle!

With the sales of the Xbox 360 going down and down, there’s no way Microsoft wouldn’t do anything about that. Recently revealed by Microsoft is yet another bundle of the Xbox 360 console which includes some pretty sweet deals for anyone thinking of owning a Xbox 360.

An Elite Xbox 360 with all standard accessories that comes with it, as well as two additional games, Lost Planet: Colonies and Ace Combat 6; the bundle will only cost the Japanese for a mere ¥29,800 (about USD$330). The price for this special bundle is exactly the same as the Elite console (with no games) that runs around the world these days, so essentially, the bundle is giving off 2 free games to customers who decides to pick it up. The bundle will be available from 29th October.

A sweet bundle, if you ask me. Giving the “best console” in the Xbox 360 series line up, as well as two of the best selling games on the console is an excellent move on Microsoft part. Although it has yet to be seen if this move will be able to help Microsoft push up the recently-revealed depressing sales volume.

Too bad the bundle isn’t going to be available worldwide. I’m sure many people would want to grab this bundle just because it’s really worthy of it’s price tag.

Via: Andriasang.


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