Microsoft Sees Tough Times Ahead In Japan


They might just need a new campaign for the Xbox 360 to boost it’s sales volume.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore for anyone as it’s widely known that the Xbox 360 isn’t exactly doing well in Japan. Before the PS3 Slim came and started dominating the console market again, Nintendo’s consoles were topping the Japanese sales charts, with the Xbox 360 and PS3 constantly fighting each other to see who is the “better” player in the war.

The Xbox 360 is having such a rough time that even an employee of a retail store had said that the console might just totally lose out in the “console war”.

According to him, the Tokyo Games Show was a massive disappointment for the Xbox 360, as there wasn’t any real big titles that are coming to the console to give the masses a reason to pick up the console again. The PS3 has Final Fantasy 13, and the Nintendo Wii has New Super Mario Bros, but as for the 360? There was nothing of interest.

Last year was a semi-good year for the Xbox 360, simply because of the supposedly “exclusive” Tales of Vesperia for the 360. However, look at it now, it has since been ported over to the PS3 with even more features than ever, and resulted in the 360’s version totally worthless in comparison to the PS3 one.

The most recent sales chart shows that the Xbox 360 has only moved as little over 4,000 consoles in even after the price cuts. The PS3 Slim moved over 37,000 consoles, which is actually quite a huge gap in comparison to how the Xbox 360 is doing right now.

While the Xbox 360 does has a shrinking presence in Japan, it does not mean that it has lost in the worldwide “battle”. The Xbox 360 is still doing well in the other countries, although it’s likely that Sony and their PS3 Slim would dominate the market sooner or later.

Via: Kotaku.

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