Microsoft Sends In Cakes To Mozilla On Firefox Releases

The Internet Explorer team over at Microsoft aren’t as locked in a rivalry as many people would have thought of: they even sent in cakes as to congratulate the Mozilla team on their new shipment of Firefox!

Just yesterday, the IE team had sent in a cupcake congratulating the Firefox team on their successful shipment of the Firefox 5 internet browser. Apparently, the IE team had been doing this since 2006 with Firefox 2’s release and had following the same traditional of sending cakes in with every Firefox release to congratulate them.

However, the latest Firefox 5 only netted Mozilla a small cupcake instead of the usual full-sized cake, which is speculated to be related to the speed of update/release of the Firefox browser. Why, Firefox 4 was only released awhile ago before 5 came into the picture!

Even as a software giant, even Microsoft wouldn’t have the money to send it cakes all the time while Firefox keeps upgrading itself every 6 months!

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