Miku to get her own brand of Sake…?

Cherry blossom viewing with Miku’s sake? Hell, why not?

No, this isn’t a joke. Miku sake is real! (PS : It is a joke)

Just for some event which I have no idea about that is celebrated in Japan, someone in the Nico network have the idea of letting Miku have her own brand of sake just for it. The brand is known as [Hatsune Yozakura (初音夜桜)], which means something like First/Virgin Sound of Night Cherry Blossom.

Oh no, this isn’t made by a fan! It is real!

The taste of Hatsune Yozakura is said to be mild and refreshing, and is suitable for ladies. In other words, it is one of those few brand of sake that are specially brewed for ladies that only drink on special events. And while I would like to know more about this sake and how much it cost, it went out of stock in god knows when. (Lies)

On a side note, the design are very well made, even though it is an April Fool joke. I actually got tricked by it when I read through it for the first time since the name actually goes in line with other sake brand, like [Ozeki Nigori] and [Kobuto Ono].

As good as it is, some people lamented that how they wish that was the case. (Since Nico Nico Douga have their own brand of sake known as “Nicochu”) While currently there isn’t an official sake brand known as [Hatsune Yozakura], it won’t be a dream in the future, as Nicochu expressed keen interest in such an idea.



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