Minami-ke Okaeri — Episode 12


Episode 12 of Minami-ke is full of ups and downs, mainly because of the animation side. However, leaving the animation issues aside, episode 12 is indeed a nice episode loaded with laughter, as well as sisterly love (lol).

While the story-wise speaking, episode 12 has been more entertaining than usual, mainly because we can get to see Chiaki in a very awkward situation. It’s really rare to see her in very awkward situations, especially when facing off with Kana. More wins to Kana! *cheers*


This isn’t exactly common.

I’ve feverously wished for an appearance of Mako-chan and Hosaka together, but it seems that it didn’t happen. Well, I can’t completely dismiss the fact that neither of them appeared, because they did, although I can’t say much about Hosaka. He was only in there for a mere few seconds!

Other than Hosaka… it seems that there was one character that only appeared once… and never again.

While story-wise was good, I wouldn’t say much about the animation side. While Minami-ke Okaeri has suffered several cases where there was extremely weird animation problems. The problems went off after awhile though.

A Mini Case Study — something that i’ve observed thus far.

As far as I can remember, the first episode of Minami-ke has brought us with some small animation error,  which is quite forgivable if you ask me. People were more concerned about that minor spelling error though… I’ve got no idea why.

These errors continues onto episode 2, where there were still cases that there was some animation conk-ups. I didn’t write a blogpost about that, for some reasons that I don’t remember.


Good art, but definitely not the ones that we’ve been viewing.

However, since Episode 3 onwards, there has been little to no such errors at all. All was peace on earth! No more such claims about asread being extremely bad in their productions. Quality has been same throughout.

However, at episode 12, there is a really big change, somehow. First of all, we’ll probably notice an Okawari like art-style being applied to the start of the episode. Lots of bright art here and there, which is a little uneasy on the eyes, when the past 11 episodes haven’t been using such art-style before.


Ugly #1, Paper, paper!


Ugly #2, Chiaki has huge butts. May be a good thing though!


Ugly #3, Kana has extremely long face!


Ugly #4, What is with those eyes?!


I can’t tell if this is really bad art, or it’s supposed to be like that.

At the middle of episode 12, the art sudden changes to something that we’re used to, although animation errors were aplenty. Extremely weird proportions of the characters, as well as improper art of the characters that makes them look like “paper” in their own environment.

Then, roughly at the end of the episode, the art-style changes yet again into the ones that we’ve been viewing thus far. It’s like a mixture between the first and the second art-style.

Basically, we can see that asread has 3 different art-style for some reasons. High quality, low quality, and middle quality. Isn’t the art-style supposed to stay consist throughout the whole anime? I can only wonder what makes them do this. Do they have 3 different departments anyway? The OP and ED have different art-style if you haven’t noticed!

Anyway, with the case-study over…


Chiaki-sama’s wise words.


“Bakayaro” isn’t just limited to Kana now.




Uchida has fallen to Chiaki’s might!


That’s one win for Kana!




Probably the best face I’ve ever seen Uchida made.


Mako-chan is both blessed and cursed.


I wonder where did they get the PSP from…


Ho ho ho!


They need help, fast! Mako-chan’s eyes are scary.


Oh, Uchida…


Poor Maki.


Oh my.


I see Hosaka!


Natsuki will always be Natsuki.


I’ll leave it to your own imagination.


A fitting line for anyone.


Kana rages!


Kana reminds me some ancient chinese swordswoman hero.


Awww, what a great sister you are, Kana.

Well then… only an episode left till Okaeri ends. Minami-ke shall be missed, but definitely not all the bad arts that were involved.


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