Minami-ke Okaeri — Episode 6


This episode contains lots of goodies, and yes, really lots of them. Laugh moments, check. Embarrassing moments, check. Epic trap moments, CHECK. Mako-chan returns! Hoorah!

Mako-chan has a good amount of screen time in the episode, although there was not much embarrassing act involved. However, seeing Chiaki treating Makoto in a different angle is indeed interesting.



Episode 6 is mainly focused around the summer vacation that the Minami family has, and my, this episode has showcased the most characters ever in the current season. Lots of watermelons around too.

There were plenty of funny scenes in the episode. One of which is when Chiaki was saying bastard while striking a watermelon, Takeru actually looked up and replied with “Mmm?“. Man, Takeru must be one sad man to reply to that. (or he is just too used to being verbally abused).


It’s actually rare to see Chiaki asking Kana this way…

We also got to see a rare side of Chiaki. Normally you would see her being very calm and composed… but this time round, we get to see her being flustered and very worried about losing “Fujioka”. Yes, “Fujioka”. Not Fujioka, but rather “Fujioka”. People who’ve watched the first season should get what I mean!

I think the only thing that everyone would complain is that there was not enough Hosaka. This man is so awesome that he should have an entire series devoted to him and his antics. Nothing less. Certainly, more of Mako-chan doesn’t hurt, but the lack of Hosaka is still disheartening.


Somehow, I don’t think smacking a watermelon on a beach is something nice to do.


Takeru must be a very sad man. Very sad.


It’s a bit exarrgated…


I think Takeru is enjoying this “punishment”.


Identity crisis!


Fujioka probably has the “shock” of his life.


Dum dum. Dum dum.


You know, Kana’s cooking can be good sometimes…


This is the first time I didn’t see Chiaki going “WTF” at Kana cooking.


Dum Dum, Dum Dum x2.


This is what happens when you’ve got 2 identities. Tough luck, Mako-chan. We still <3 you though!


Chiaki has such a nice side too. *sniffs*


The mismatched pair!


What, watermelon smacking again?


An extreme case of summer-fever.


Kana’s expression = <3<3<3<3<3


According to here, it’s no wonder why Haruka reacted this way. I thought this was actually it was some kind of popular character which held mushrooms this way…


Touma seems to be enjoying all the attention!

However, I think I’ve noticed something. Whenever Mako-chan appears, Hosaka is gone. Whenever Hosaka appears, Mako-chan is gone. Does this mean something?!

Minami-ke Okaeri 7, here I come!

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