Minami-ke Okaeri — Itterasshai, Episode 13


The Minami sister’s third installment has come to an end. Even Haruka is troubled by it!

It also seems that the great animation issue that was at hand in Episode 12. Although I can’t say that it’s totally gone, but it’s definitely not as visible as what has happened during episode 12.

Okaeri has indeed been a fun journey from start to end. Even with it’s plotless story, it is still enjoyable, even though there was some ugly animation that we’ve encountered. Okaeri had also gave more insight into how Chiaki is like since the whole 3 seasons. I must say, Okaeri is probably the one that gave us the most variants of Chiaki, which is quite a shocker some times. Okaeri has also increased my love to several characters, especially Uchida! <3



The thirteen and final episode in the season brings the 3 sisters closer than ever, even if it’s for ridiculous, but completely believable reason. It’s heartwarming if you consider how close they are sometimes. That also proves one thing, age doesn’t matter when you’ve got siblings around you!

Chiaki cries a lot more this episode too. Almost every single part of the episode, viewers will probably see her tear up because of some little things. I guess she isn’t as mature as she has claimed.


Noooo! Kana!!

The climax of the show came in when Kana supposedly wrote a “suicide note”. I guess we all can see where it’s going now. If Kana disappear (which is not possible) in the show, I’ll quit Minami-ke forever!

And on a fun note… it seems that someone doesn’t really make an reappearance at all. I wonder why she was even introduced in the OP when they didn’t even bother giving her at least half an episode worth of time.

I’ve hoped for more Hosaka and Mako-chan, but it seems that it is not possible, even at the last episode. That makes me an extremely sad person.

With the conclusion of Okaeri, I’ll be hoping for yet another season. It seems that the adventures of the Minami-ke will never end.

And, kudos to the guys at asread for the best ending, ever.


Sudden realization…


Hosaka will always be Hosaka. I wonder how did he get back from Paris.

And now, a quick go through of the last episode:


Chiaki’s face looks extremely cute for some reason.


Poor Kana getting blamed for everything.


I guess Kana only cares about food…


Yes, she really does care about food.


I’m not sure what does the subtitle mean, but I know that Kana is a poor soul.


Ah, so that’s what it’s about. Fancy getting all worried.


Oh poor Uchida.


Chiaki is still indeed a kid.


<3 Kana’s expression. At least she knows how to have fun!


Chiaki wakes up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare.


Shocking scene for Kana. Heartwarming, nevertheless.


It’s indeed surprising that Chiaki is so attached to Kana.


While it’s good to see Chiaki being to close to Kana… Chiaki is still demanding.


How nice…


Oh Haruka. Don’t blame yourself too much!


A Kana-like Chiaki is actually quite nice.


Uchida loves being a princess doesn’t she?


Good! Positive thinking! — *coughs*

Minami-ke Okaeri, you’ll be missed.

*salutes yet again*

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