minori’s Official Overseas Website Spotted?!

Quite the interesting page, isn’t it?

Ever since the incident with EqualityNow, minori has been extremely protective of itself and it’s property. Being one of the first few sites to enforce foreign access restriction, minori has a long record of being “sarcastic” with their “restriction notification” and one of the more aggressive companies when it comes to dealing with fan-translated projects.

With all these actions coming from minori, one would really wonder if minori would open up themselves to the foreign community anytime soon. While there was incident where minori actually wanted to talk to a fan-translation group regarding a certain eroge that the group was translating, we have barely heard anything else regarding minori’s actions after that.

However, Aorii from Major Arcana has recently discovered something of interest: an overseas minori site. The site has nothing on it, save for a splash page with a… Canada flag on it? There’s also the “See you tomorrow!!” text at the bottom of the page, although it has probably been more than a tomorrow since the site was up.

The URL of the site resembles closely to minori’s official website’s too, looking somewhat like a subdomain of minori. Which is interesting, since minori had been actively restricting access to their website and one fine day, they decided to open up an overseas site with a Canada flag on it! Who knows what minori is planning with their overseas site (although some speculate that minori is gradually opening themselves up) and why is a Canada flag on the frontpage anyway? minori’s official overseas office will be situated there?

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