Mitsudomoe Triplet Comedy Manga Gets Anime Adaptation!


It’s a whole train of 6th graders!

The first issue of the 2010’s Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shonen Champion has recently announced the anime adaptation of the on-going manga series called Mitsudomoe!

The manga is created by Norio Sakurai and has been running in the Weekly Shonen Champion since 2006. The story revolves around the comedical misadventure of the 11-years old Marui triplets, named Mitsuba, Futaba and Hitoha.

Marui Mitsuba, a sadistic girl, Futaba, a muscle-bound girl, and Hitoha, a mystery-loving girl, are a dissimilar triplets. They are in 6th grade at Kamohashi Elementary School. Everyday these triplets, with their distinctive and annoying characteristics, cause problems and trouble for their teacher and classmates.

Not much information about which studio is animating it or even a broadcasting date has been announced, so we’re pretty much staring at an announcement with just a teaser. However, the magazine had promised more information with images from the anime adaptation in the next two issues of the magazine, so interested fans would want to keep a look out on those!

Sounds like a Minami-ke like kind of series. Wonder how will it fare, especially when it’s the cast is about three 11-years old girls and their 6th grader friends!

Via: ANN & Moetron.


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