MMO Insight #1: RF Online

As I’ve promised, there’ll be several updates regarding the MMOs that I’ve played. Be it MMORPG, MMOFPS or even MMORTS, any MMO that I’ve gotten my hands onto, I’ll do a post about that.

First game to recieve an insight post about is one of my favourite games that I’ve ever played, as well as one of the longest MMORPG that I’ve ever played.

Technical Details [RF ONLINE]:

  • PvP-Intensive,
  • Sci-Fi based,
  • Distinct gameplay,
  • Private Server are available,
  • Developer: Korea

RF Online, simply put, is called Rising Force Online. This game is one of the more successful MMORPG that has been made into the market, and it has been distributed to different countries in the world for localization of the game itself.

RF Online is a PvP-Intensive game. Almost every aspect of the game will revolve around the system called Player Verus Player, or simply known as PvP. Everything that you’ll do will end up having you to kill other players in the game.

There are 3 distinct races in the game. Each races gains different abilities, and they are all played out differently.

In addition to the distinct races that RF Online has, all these races will receive their Racial Speciality which is unique from one another. Only certain classes in the game operate these specialties though.

Starting with the first race, Bellato. Bellato are the smallest sized characters in game, and when they wield weapons, the weapons, most of the time, will outsize them. You can probably imagine how small these guys are. Although they are small, they shouldn’t be underestimated. Besides, they could use their small sized advantage to the fullest, because it’s just too damn difficult to click on them!

Bellato’s racial speciality is called the Massive Armored Unit, or rather, the MAU. I’m sure that some of you guys have watched Gundam before, and they are exactly like that, minus the invinciblity of a Gundam in the shows. These MAU are piloted by a specific class, so only one class in the game will get to use this awesome piece of equipment.

Next up, is Cora. Cora is a race that utilizes magic more than any other races does. Cora, is in the middle of all the three races in comparison of their sizes. Cora has utterly devastating spells that could kill most opponent in a few hits, and they seems to have the least clothing amount of armor on them, but that doesn’t mean you can kill them in a few hits too!

Cora’s racial specialty are called the Summons. Just imagine these as a third party supporter which you can summon/unsummon at any time to help you out with killing monsters, players, or whatever you liked. There’s a total of 4 different summons, and only one summon can be summoned at any one time.

Lastly, is the race Accretia. Accretia is a robotic race (as you’ve noticed), and thus they have no access to magic at all. Since both Bellato and Cora have the ability to use magic (and be able to cast different element of spells), the Accretia have the Launcher system to “mimic” their magic usage. These Launchers have different element of ammunations and can be used to inflict massive damage onto their enemies.

Accretia’s racial specialty is called the Siege Kits. These are used in conjunction with the Launcher system in the game. These Siege Kits increases attack/defense/attacking speed of a Launcher user, but renders the user immobile. Even while immobile, any capable Launcher user will be able to kill most players in their range in just under a few seconds.

The game is controlled by a flowing economy. That means the prices of items that are on the NPC will change regarding to the tax of the race. This tax can be controlled through various means, and it’s always good to keep the tax rate as low as possible. Buying one clip of ammunation on day 1 and on day 2 may be a different case when the tax rate changes!

As I’ve mentioned before, RF Online is a PvP Intensive game. One of the more prominent feature of the game is the Chip War. This epic NPC controlled event starts every 8 hours, depending what server you’re on, the Chip War timing may change. During this epic event, all three races will gather in one map, and the battle for the terrority will start. The victor of the war will be entitled priviledges that cannot be obtained by other races until they win the war.

I wouldn’t stand there if I were you….

Raiding is also an integrated part of the game. Raiding simply means getting a group of people to go to other race’s area to harass their training process. This will, hopefully, delay some players from leveling quickly, but there are always be others that can drive you out of their own area.

Majority of whatever you’ll expect to find in a PvP game would most probably be here. To be totally honest, I find this game extremely fun, because of the huge range of classes, the possibility that one could make his character into via different methods of classing. You can choose to go ‘pure’ or even ‘cross-class’, which will give you some skills on the respective class you classed to, but you’ll lose out of class-specific skills.

All kinds of skills are more of less, available to the player at anytime he/she likes to use them. All the skills are split into 3 Tiers of skills, and only respective classes will get Tier 2 and Tier 3. For example, a Warrior is unable to get Tier 2 and 3 of Range’s skills, and it works the same with Rangers.

By cross classing, users are able to get the other type’s skills, but will lose out on class-specific skills. Class-specific skills are skills that are exclusive to that particular class, and will only come to you when you’re a ‘pure’ class. Being ‘pure’, it means you follow the specific branching of classes.

This is an example of an Accretia Ranger’s class branching. Going out from any of these will cost you your class specific skills. However, it should be noted that sometimes, several cross class users are some of the most powerful players in the PvP department!

Apart from the PvP itself, RF Online offers lots of areas for users to explore. Ranging about 20-30 different and very distinct maps, each map is filled with different monsters and places for users to enjoy, as well as challenge.

Everything’s great in RF Online, but like the MMORPG it is, there’s always something called GRINDING. One of the most hated aspect of MMORPG, mainly because of the amount of time it takes for one single level. Leveling in RF Online is fairly easy at the first few levels, till about Level 20. The grind really starts when you’re about Lv30. It’ll probably become unbearable for most casual gamers once they hit Lv40. It takes days of partying just to gain one level at Lv45!

However, if you ignore the grinding part of the game, this is definitely a game that you’ll need to give a try. Good graphics, almost comparable to World of Warcraft, excellent and rewarding PvPing system and lots of fun. In all, RF Online delivers both RPG and PvP elements in a small and nice package.

P.S: Since the English Official Server is closing down, I think I’ll leave some Private Server links here for people who are keen on trying this game.

Private Server Listings:

RF-Equilibrium – High population, active GMs. PvP-based server with 30x EXP Multipler.

RF-Ascension – Low population, active GMs. A mix of PvP and RPG with 12x EXP Multipler.

RF-PoA – Very high population, active GMs. Currently in BETA due to testing of a new update. 60x EXP Multipler during BETA.

Resources Listings:

RF Online Official Site – CodesMaster RFO.

RF Addict – RF Online Database.

Google – Pictures!

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