MMO Insight #2 — R.O.S.E Online

Don’t be fooled by the weird name the game has. Despite the flowery name of the game, R.O.S.E Online is not about flowers and love or anything like that. Beneath the name actually lies an epic game that spans across several episodes worth of story and quests!

Called “Rush Of the Seven Episodes” (hence the ROSE naming), R.O.S.E Online is developed by Triggersoft and published by Gravity, who is most widely known for their famous Ragnarok Online game. The game dates back quite a few years ago and is probably one of the more iconic game I’ve ever played.

Introduction — “What Is R.O.S.E Online?”

Featuring a “very cute” art style in comparison to many other MMO out there (due to it’s chibi-like avatars), the game plays out like a generic MMORPG that would require you to level up, hunt for items, do quests and all the likes. However, what’s appealing in this particular game is the Episode system, which is essentially a huge quest that spans over huge levels.

Episode Quests

Episode quests are basically quests with an epic storyline behind it and is made available to player as soon as they reach a particular level. Once the episode quest is activated, players will be able to go through the whole storyline as they complete quests and level up. Starting from an everyday extermination of monsters job, the episode quest slowly reveals some disturbing details of what’s happening in the game’s story.

Like many other MMORPG out there, R.O.S.E Online features several different diverse classes that are extremely useful in their own right. There is the basic front-liner called Warrior, the magical Muse, the sneaky Hawker as well as the resourceful Dealer. Each of these classes branches out to more specific classes too, but that would have to wait till you’re much higher level.

A Breakdown Of Classes — “What Can I Be?”

Warrior is your basic melee job in the game. Focusing on either high damage or defense, Warrior can branch out to either Champion or Knight respectively. These characters are highly skilled with their melee weapons and shields, so when it comes to using swords, spears or whatever against enemies, you’ll probably find them the most useful.

Muse is your magician class in the game. Despite the funny naming of the class, Muse can potentially be the best damage or support in your party, partly due to the imbalanced nature of spells in any game. Supportive Muses will end up being Clerics, while Damaging Muses will end up as Mages.

Hawkers are your thief, or fast attacking class in the game. The unique thing about Hawkers is the ability to switch between melee and range as and when they want to. Specializing in bows or katars, Hawker players are able to deal damage at both melee and range. However, once they’ve decided on which path they want to go for, it’s difficult — if not impossible — to deviate from their chosen path due to the stats allocation. Raiders are the katar example of Hawkers, while Scouts are bow examples of Hawkers.

Lastly comes Dealers. Dealers are your merchant class who specializes in selling and buying items at overcharged and discounted prices from NPC. However, despite the economy-like nature of this class, Dealers can potentially be one of the most damaging ranged class in the whole game. Utilizing guns and launchers, Dealers are able to do great damage at great distances while keeping the game’s economy flowing. Dealers can go onto Artisans which focuses on crafting, making equipments and gun usage or Bourgeois, which focuses on making money and dealing damage with launchers.

Features — “Every MMO Should Have Some!”

Like the name suggests, R.O.S.E Online is really a big MMORPG that spans across several “episodes”. While they are called episodes, these episodes are really actually planets in the whole R.O.S.E universe. There are a total of 7 planets for the user to explore, although only 1 is truly completed. You can still visit the other planets available in the game, but don’t expect too much as they aren’t as big as the first planet you’ll be in.

Out of the seven planets (or episodes) involved in the game, only three of them are actually explorable. However, don’t let that get to you as the game is still pretty enjoyable with just 3 planets for you to explore. Plus, the previously mentioned episode quests is a good way to get yourself immersed into the world of R.O.S.E Online.

Union Wars, Castle Gears & Carts

Other than just plain leveling and doing quests, R.O.S.E Online provides players with some interesting elements in a form of Carts & Castle Gears, as well as Union. Once a player reaches Level 30, they are entitled to join a Union, which is essentially a faction that gives the player several privileges that aren’t found anywhere else. Rare equipments can be bought with Union points and these rare equipments are usually the ones (they are actually really school uniforms…) that looks the best in comparison to many armours out there.

Once a player is in a union, they can start attending Union War which is actually just a massive PvP fest with the other players from other unions. There is a total of about 3-4 unions in the game, so the scale of each union war is actually pretty epic if the server has the numbers for it.

Carts and Castle Gears are basically your supportive equipments that increases speed and helps you attack respectively. Like the name suggests, Carts are really just some sort of “cart” that allows you to drive them. There has been some argument about it named Kart or Cart, but you get the idea. Castle Gears are big machines that attacks enemies. Think of it as a mecha, if you will.

Final Words — “R.O.S.E. Online is…”

Not just a game, but also an interactive world to be in. If you can forgive the massive grinding which is prevalent in almost every single korean-made MMORPG, R.O.S.E Online can potentially be one of the better MMORPGs out there for you to play.

Featuring some pretty diverse classes, cute graphics (even for the monsters in the game) and an epic storyline behind it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give this game a try. Who knows, you might find this game pretty attractive and play it for sometime, yeah?

If you’re interested, drop by Gravity’s naROSE website for more details on the registration, game download links and all. And oh, if you’re a veteran or just someone who wants to try R.O.S.E for sometime now, Gravity has recently started up a new server called Draconis and is inviting all players, new or old, to join up with them and start anew!

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