Modern Warfare 2: Possible Dedicated Servers?


One of the worst decision Infinity Ward had ever made with regards to Modern Warfare 2 on PC was the remove the ability to host dedicated servers. However, it seems that we might see dedicated servers up around the neighbourhood soon, albeit it’s not exactly… official.

One of the perks of dedicated server is that it allows the hosters to do whatever they wish. You know, like changing the gameplay, for the better or sometimes for the worst. However, when Modern Warfare 2 was first announced, Infinity Ward had said that they are not including any sort of dedicated support in the game at all. This was met with a lot of hate and rage, although Infinity Ward had stood it’s ground, stating that IWNet (the matchmaking system for MW2) will make PC gaming a better place for everyone.

Sure, it does make gaming a better place for everyone, but this doesn’t mean people would be satisfied with that. It seems that some of the hacking community had got themselves a sort of dedicated server, with much thanks to this AgentGOD whom I’ve got no idea who is that.

In the following videos, some of these hosters had said that dedicated servers are now possible, and it might just very well mean that Modern Warfare 2 would be on it’s way to the success on the PC gaming front, at least, not in a sort of… legit way.

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