ASCII Art — Part 2

Today, I am going to introduce more ASCII art and of course,  something new. Anyway, let’s get on with it.


Oh my… Yuki is angry with someone not doing their work!!! [Nagato Yuki of Haruhi]


OSHI!! IT’S SHIDO MARIYA!! [Mariya of Maria+Holic]


Kind of  tough to get the English word out nicely [Chiaki of Minami-Ke]


It’s Kagami! Hiiragi…. Hiiragi… Hiiragi…. [Hiiragi Kagami of Lucky star]

Well, I did mention about something new.. It is colored single ASCII character art and colored ASCII word art. As for this, you definitely need a little something extra like the NotePadSX (at the moment its version 1.2).

As long as it has color fonts , background colors and no word warp, it will work fine. For starters, try coloring the ASCII art that you have done before. As you advance and have more confidence in your work, try using a single ASCII character to craft out an ASCII art. Then, try it out using single ASCII character and mix it with a nice background to display the contrast of your ASCII art. Here is an example of single ASCII character art.


Yami AKA Golden Darkness from To-Love Ru

After single ASCII characters, the next task is single ASCII word. Below are all examples of ASCII words arts with background colors. Most of the pictures are scaled down to fit the wordpress upload limit. Thus, they will not look as good on the blog as the original.


As for the above Little Busters! picture, it does not fit well with a white back ground.  So, in conclusion depending on the picture, different background color should be used to make it blend well.



Notice the black background does not fit as well as the white one.


Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid

Another example of bad usage of background color. The white one just looks too bright, which does not fit the picture.


Seera Finis Victoria of Magus Tales


Picture  from Rosario + Vampire


Yuno and Miyako from the Hidamari Apartment


Picture from Utawarerumono

The mini Touka and Urtoriy at the bottom left end can’t be seen clearly as they are too small.


Hanyuuuuu!!!! From Higurashi

I will be taking requests for making Picture to ASCII [colored or non colored is up to your request]. So, if you want me to make an ASCII art, feel free to drop a mail with a picture in it at I may not reply as fast you would want as I am still having exams at the moment.

Enjoy and give your comments!

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