More Details About Love Plus 3DS’s Boyfriend Lock, Data Import

You might remember that Love Plus is on the DS before the 3DS version was announced. With all the new features that Love Plus 3DS is bringing in, there’s hardly any reason for Love Plus fans not to change their DS into a 3DS just to get hold of the features.

Hardly any reasons, but there’s one huge reason that would cause fans to think twice before going over to the 3DS: is it possible for them to import their DS save datas onto their 3DS to continue the game? Konami did promised that it will be possible for players to bring over their data, but other than a statement, no other specifics were released.

However, in a recent report done by 4gamer, it looks like Konami has already gotten a system/method for players to import their existing data. That’s the good news.

Now, the bad news is that players would have to pay a small amount for the tool for the data import to work. Before people start saying that this is a bad way of selling/marketing their products, Konami is also throwing in a couple of bonuses and other stuffs that aren’t revealed as of yet, together with the tool.

Data import wouldn’t carry over whatever relationship the player has prior to the 3DS game, but rather, will allow players to unlock certain bonuses in the game. At least, that’s what planned by Konami as of now.

And here’s a screenshot about the famous “Boyfriend Lock” mode that could potentially become one of the most complex technology in the whole of the system. It’s said that the 3DS will still be able to recognize the “boyfriend” even if he changes hats, hairstyle, taking off glasses etc!

Until one day they find themselves locked out of 3DS for some unknown reasons. The good thing is that players can turn off the “Boyfriend Lock” mode if they wish so, but that would totally remove one of the niftiest feature in Love Plus 3DS!

There’s also the blood-type talk that was mentioned in the previous Love Plus post. Apparently, the girls would be friendlier and more open to the faces that the 3DS recognizes. So if you’re a complete stranger, you’ll get the image 2 paragraphs above, and if you’re someone the 3DS (the game) knows… well, you’ll get something like the picture above this paragraph.

4gamer also detailed further information about the “multiplayer” component of Love Plus 3DS, which will have two girls from two 3DS playing… uh… having activities together or something like that. The girls will talk, hang out, send e-mails and all the likes. Just makes me wonder how they are gonna deal when two players have similar girls. Palette swap? Long-lost twin sisters?


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